Worst Las Vegas magic shows

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Look we’re prone to 1990s Vegas nostalgia as much as you guys, and but don’t forget that this “Cheesy Decade” also gave us 99 cent shrimp cocktails, Next to nothing room prices,  Free parking, and super affordable shows to go to see. As Las Vegas transformed into a restaurant and show destination, the level of these venues and shows rose as well.  So as much as we love throwback Vegas we think these bad Las Vegas Magic shows were best served in decades prior. Let’s see if you agree

1. Criss Angel – Mindfreak

Website: Criss Angel Mindfreak

Tickets Here : 89$ ( Not Worth It )
Located Within: Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino

 Even Though we are fans of Criss Angel’s TV specials and such, this has to be one of the worst magic shows in Las Vegas (at least for the price) and being affiliated with Cirque productions from Cirque Du Solei fame, the staff was very unimpressed with the show.  The show is mostly fire and smoke with Criss appearing and disappearing at different points on the stage, it was confusing to keep up with the action, he at many times appeared out of breath as he gave a short speech before teleporting each time. This is a real letdown and they have not adjusted and made the show any better for Amystika

Unfortunately summoning the devil cannot even save his show

2. Nathan Burton Comedy Magic

Genres: Afternoon Shows, Comedy, Magic

Phone: 1-866-983-4279

Think of something you would see on TV from the 90’s , with girls getting sawed in half and cheesy air powered props. Now sprinkle in some light hearted humor and bam you have the Nathan Burton comedy show. This might actually be a good show for anyone under 12 years old but as for the adult audience looking to be awed , look elsewhere. Nathan Burton is a family friendly show filled with magical illusions, entertaining dance and funny comedy routines.

Located within: Miracle Mile Shops at Planet Hollywood

Tickets :  Best price – $20 Sale


Genres: Magic, Variety, Top Seller

Phone: 1-866-983-4279

It’s no shocker than another Criss Angel production, along with Cirque gets another spot for worst magic show. Maybe Cirque should stick to gymnastics, but neither of these shows is really worth the ticket price.Enter the surreal, mystifying world of AMYSTIKA created by Criss Angel and the mind behind Cirque du Soleil.As for the naming it appears Criss had a very hands on approach, “Amystika” is Greek word meaning “the secret place.” Criss Angel is of Greek descent. His real name is Christopher Nicholas Sarantakos.

Angel fact: Amystika is the name of a garden at Criss Angel’s house.

Tickets here : $68

4. Murray the Magician

  • DATES/TIMES: Thursday – Sunday: 4 p.m.
  • Location: Laugh Factory Comedy Club
  • CALL: 1-800-829-9034

 If your in town for a less funny version of Carrot Top , with cooler hair then get yourself some tickets to Murray.  Known for street pranks, corny illusions, and comedy weaker than instant coffee and of course some audience participation, Murray the Magician brings his thankfully one-of-a-kind magic show to the Laugh Factory Comedy Club at Tropicana Las Vegas weekly. Hey tickets are cheap!