Love Cloud Makes The Mile High Club More Fun

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Love Cloud Las Vegas – Romance Flights

Unbuckle your seatbelts, it looks like someone has reached full cruising altitude. 

On Love Cloud, you are encouraged to make your “mile high” fantasies come true. You’re separated from your pilot by a locked curtain door, and the pilot is wearing noise canceling earphones. The aircraft is a six-seat Cessna 421 that has been customized into a four-seat romantic getaway with pillows, mattresses, blankets and a wireless sound system for music.

But much like a playboy magazine, there is some substance here people . For instance In the daytime you’ll cruise over Red Rock Canyon, Hoover Dam, Lake Mead and the Las Vegas Strip a once in a lifetime view in of itself. And for the nighttime it consists of continuous flight over the bright lights of Las Vegas and the Las Vegas Strip , not that you will notice.

Packages range from a 30-minute(don’t be that guy) to a one-and-a-half-hour nonstop flight. The Romantic Package add-on comes with a limousine ride to and from the local airport, a dozen roses, chocolates and a free bottle of Champagne. There is even a wedding package.

Romantic Dinner Flight Package


  • Our (one course) romantic dinner flight consists of your choice of two entrées and complimentary bottle of champagne or wine.
  • Our (three course) dinner flight consists of your choice of an appetizer, two entrees, two desserts, and complementary bottle of champagne or wine.
  • Your personal flight attendant and pilot will be awaiting you when you arrive at the aircraft.
  • Once airborne your flight attendant will serve you and your guest. 
  • Enjoy the beautiful scenery and sunset of Las Vegas next to the Red Rock Canyon, Hoover Dam, and Lake Mead.
  • Your flight will finish with a final pass over the spectacular bright lights of the Las Vegas Strip.
  • Nothing is more romantic than spending that special moment with the one you cherish in the skies over Vegas.


To commemorate the lustful experience, you’ll receive a Mile High Club VIP Certificate Card and a photo next to the aircraft. 

Luxurious Cabin Interiors

When did the Mile High Club start?

A 23 -year-old pilot by the name of Lawrence Burst Sperry, with his passenger, a 1920’s thottie Dorothy Rice. When Pierce, crashed into the waters of the Atlantic Ocean just off the coast of Long Island. Young Sperry was already well known among aviation circles as something of a flying daredevil and inventor and while after successfully demonstrating a device he designed as the first autopilot to cruise above the Seine hands-free. Inventing the “autopilot” function, Sperry freed up a pilot’s hands for other, more pressing, tasks. After crashing the Curtiss Flying Boat C-2 into the waters of Great South Bay. Rescued by duck hunters, the duo was reported to have been found completely naked. While Sperry claimed the force of the impact had stripped the pair of their clothes, one well-known New York tabloid reporting on the story ran the infamously ribald headline, “Aerial Petting Ends in Wetting.”


Whether it is for celebrating a wedding, anniversary, birthday, Valentines Day, special occasion, or just for fun, Love Cloud helps couples fly in a twin engine pressurized aircraft around the skies of Las Vegas and allow them to reach new heights by enjoying romantic flights over Las Vegas.
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