New Resorts World Las Vegas Buffet prices and Schedule


Described as morning classics and afternoon delights such as burgers, wok-fried noodle dishes as well as a buffet option are served in a tasteful, casual setting overlooking the casino. Resorts World has opted to forego the typical Vegas buffet in favor of a smaller more intimate setting . Resorts World small cafe style setting offers international cuisine for breakfast, lunch, and dinner along with a small buffet that rotates cuisines.

Ok we get it, Sometimes it’s about quality, not just quantity. Resorts World and Genting group have nailed a few things around most of the restaurant offerings, the decor and ambiance are lovely – bright, warm, modern, artistic… I would expect the food to live up to that standard. It wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t great either. The variety left something lacking for any kind of composed plate (mashed potatoes were the only starch option, no bread to go with the soup, no beef option, no protein option for vegetarians/vegans, no desserts, etc.). The consistency was also struggling. I like to try a bite or two of everything that looks good, and then go back for what hits the spot. On my first trip, the cauliflower, chicken, and pork were all over-cooked and under-seasoned. Luckily, the next batch of each of these were actually cooked right. I wondered why they would even put out the first batch (the cauliflower was especially bad) but when there are only twelve items, you can’t really leave one out. Soda with refills is included. Juice is also included, but no refills.
The cafe will feature your typical american fare also , with some Italian influence . The buffet will be offered daily and will rotate dishes so nothing gets old to the clients .

Here is a sample from the menu :

Resorts World Las Vegas Buffet price $50.00

Resorts World Kitchen Cafe Buffet coupons are available by contacting the casino host