Pick your own virtual reality in Las Vegas at new VR Adventures

Have you ever seen a construction worker walking on a beam 20 stories high or a circus performer walking a tightrope with no net. Well you’re about to have the same death defying thrill! Now you can confront your fear of heights by using balance and dexterity without ever leaving the ground!

The newest attraction to hit Las Vegas has arrived in the form of goggles and some pretty sophisticated software to make it all happen, meet VR Adventures. VR Adventures is a cutting edge and never-before-seen immersive experience that plunges guests into a three-dimensional virtual world.  Guests will put on goggles that Facebook spent 2 billion dollars to develop, and be transported to a virtual reality.  Unlike other video games, VR Adventures requires gamers to use hand movement, walk, sidestep or jump to explore or fly through the virtual world.  Honestly…the experience redefines magical!

VR Adventures offers gamers up to FOUR unique experiences to escape from the everyday games and into the virtual world.


This awesome experience has you ziplining and parachuting from high over Las Vegas with only the eerie sound of the wind whistling by. The final question is…how long can you wait before pulling the rip cord?


Flying High – A virtual reality experience that allows guests to fly like an eagle over the architectural wonders of Las Vegas. It’s the dream we’ve all had to soar through the skies at any altitude and enjoy true freedom. Finally, during flight, people can go in search of hidden prizes floating through the skies!
Fly like a superhero over Las Vegas and find as many hot air balloons as possible. The best flying experience ever!


House of Horror – Not for the faint of heart and if you dare, guests will be dropped into a haunted house for which there may not be a way out. As you tiptoe through be careful not to disturb a ghost or scream so loudly that you awaken a zombie. It’s intense and truly immersive. No diapers are provided.

     4. FLY N’ SHOOT

The human flight simulator – Guests will climb onto their own personal flying machine and soar over the alps while trying to maintain balance and shoot down enemy drones. You’ll have to hold on tight while you “rock and roll” through the air…if you dare.

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VR Adventures Las Vegas

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