Resorts World Vegas Technology and It’s 100,000-square-foot display

The resort, which is scheduled to open in 2021, activated their 100,000-square-foot sign for the first time recently.

Resorts World Las Vegas, a new casino that includes three hotels and multiple restaurants, lit up its new Yaham Optoelectronics-created 100,000-square-foot display for the first time and gave it a good test of quality. Though the resort is not yet officially open, it lit the sign showcasing a digital fireworks display in celebration of Independence Day.

According to the Las Vegas Review Journal, the display “provided the first look into the progressive technology the property will bring to the Las Vegas Strip when its doors open in summer 2021.” The sign, which is approximately 294 feet high and 340 feet wide, features 3,552 individual LED panels and took approximately seven months to construct. In addition, Resorts World Las Vegas is also scheduled to have a 19,000-square-foot-LED screen displayed on its east tower.