Rio rolls out a new combo experience

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Rio debuted a new combo experience, the Carnival World & Seafood Buffet, which has a separate line of more than 70 seafood dishes added to Carnival World’s 200-dish-strong smorgasbord. How does it work? If you want more fun with fish, you’ll pay a $15 upgrade and get an invisible sea creature stamp on your hand. A buffet team member with a black light will check to make sure you have access to what kinda feels like Club Shrimp Scampi before you enter the roped-off area; When I went, I was asked to show off my glowing lobster mark to some non-English-speaking eaters who wanted in but didn’t understand.

From pizza to omelets, sushi to teppanyaki, fresh carved meats to Asian barbecue, the Carnival World & Seafood Buffet features live-action cooking right before your eyes, ensuring freshness and top quality. For dessert, enjoy more than 70 varieties of homemade pies, cakes and pastries, and nine gelato flavors, all made from scratch on site at Carnival World & Seafood Buffet. The gelato station features everything from fruity to chocolate-y, as well as sorbets for a dairy-free option.

This is the only buffet in town that serves lobster, so eat up! You can also pile your plate high with snow crab legs, shrimp, fresh shucked oysters, sushi and more. The shrimp and grits is a popular dish.