Locals Las Vegas Station Casinos Closes Buffets Permanently

Very sad news has been learned about Station Casinos, where many locals love to go to gamble all day and fill up on bottomless food at an affordable price, but maybe not anymore.The company’s CFO, Stephen Cootey, went on to say, “I’m going to say ex-buffet because obviously, it would be down year-over-year because of the buffet, which I think we can fairly say will never return.”
For locals, it’s a big loss. The news is even worse for workers who were laid off during the pandemic and may not get their jobs back.

In an earnings call Tuesday afternoon, Station Casinos CEO Frank Fertitta III said that none of its properties will reopen buffets in their initial phase of reopening. Additionally, some of the specialty restaurants will also remain closed.”We’re going to narrow it down to basically the restaurants that were the most popular and had the most throughput, but we’re going to leave some of the other ones unopened in Phase 1,” Fertitta said.

Station Casinos wouldn’t directly admit that they’re not planning to bring back buffets. But in a recent earnings call, Frank Fertitta, the CEO of Red Rock Resorts Inc., said, “We’re going to put the dollars into the place where we make money. It’s going to be a focus on slot machines and table games, our primary business. We’ll have several restaurant options. We will not have a buffet.”

Restaurants aren’t the only area that will see closures upon reopening.

Fertitta also stated that poker rooms would remain closed upon reopening in Phase 1.

“We just didn’t think it would make sense with only three players per table or so that, that would be a profitable venture. So that will be on hold,” Fertitta said.

Meanwhile :
Clark County is removing all COVID restrictions on June 1. Las Vegas will essentially be operating at the same capacity as of February 2020. It is worth repeating: Everything Is Back in Vegas.