UFC Tour vegas

  • At Xtreme Couture, you'll tour the gym built by UFC Heavyweight Champion Randy Couture

    Most people don't have the cojónes to endure years of grueling training that pushes them past their physical and emotional breaking points. Luckily for us, these modern day gladiators do. Find out what it takes for the world's best fighters to become battered, bloodied, and victorious in a behind-the-scenes tour of training facilities for mixed martial arts and professional boxing. At Xtreme Couture, you'll learn about the gym built by UFC Heavyweight Champion, Hall of Famer and all-around badass Randy Couture. This brawler-turned-actor recently starred in the hit movie series "The Expendables" and is one of the most decorated fighters in the history of professional MMA fighting. Brazilian Muay Thai superstar and one of the most feared fighters in MMA history, Wanderlei Silva's facility was named the "Best MMA Gym in the World" by Fighters Only Magazine. The Wand Fight Team Gym is the ultimate display of Silva's carnal success, featuring his trophies, belts and photos.