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Published on Wed, Feb 1, 2017 by Ariel Abbott

Many Las Vegas restaurants offer special Las Vegas Valentine’s Day menus, which can often times be over $100/person. No matter how much you love that certain someone, Casino Boy knows that Valentine’s Day can do some unwanted damage to the bank account. What many don't realize is that there are many romantic free things to do in Las Vegas and special Las Vegas Valentine’s Day offers that can help you save some money without disappointing your Valentine. Enjoy this guide for Valentine’s Day in Las Vegas, enjoy a romantic Las Vegas Valentine’s Day without breaking budget. We have found the best Valentine’s Day Las Vegas deals of 2013 for romance on a budget.
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Sharkey's Comedy Club
Beginning February 1st, standup comedian Don Barnhart appears nightly at Jokesters Comedy Club inside the D Casino & Hotel
Taking time off from his national tour and entertaining the troops, comedian Don Barnhart returns home to perform nightly at Las Vegas' newest home for stand up comedy. Jokesters Comedy Club inside the D features some of the best local and national stand up comedy talent nightly at 10:30pm and you never know who might pop in to do a guest set or work out new material.
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Region music icon Willie Nelson is canceling two Las Las Vegas shows due to condition.
His publicist Elaine Schock said Thursday that Nelson has a severe cold and won't perform Saturday or Sunday.

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If you know anything about Vegas at all, you know that we love to have a good time. As a matter of fact, we are pros at that. And among out favorite ways to get our good time rocking is by laughing our asses off with some of the funniest people in the world. That’s right. Right here in Sin City, we have dozens of resident headliners as well as touring acts that swing in for a performance here and there. But no matter the comedian, it’s a sure bet that each time we head out to a comedy show, we are going to have a damn good time.
So, to make sure that you have as much fun as we do while you’re here in the Entertainment Capital of the world, we have listed (in no particular order) a few favorite comedy shows that will start your night off with some major laughs… unless you’re like the grumpiest human in the world.

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Looking for the premier shooting range in Las Vegas? Enter Machine Guns Vegas, and you’ll realize that things just got real.
While they are not your papa’s shooting range,they could be your new Las Vegas bucket list destination. Featuring a fully-stocked Las Vegas machine gun range where you’ll experience the pulse-pounding thrills of modern machine guns and bad-ass assault rifles, as well as some of the most famous weapons from past world wars, Hollywood movies, and your favorite video games.