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Black Tap Craft Burgers & Beer

So you are in Vegas and you have already had you're share of the great buffets? Look no further than these top hot picks that are sure to be great choices. We put together our top 3 that have Las Vegas Buzzing , from gourmet burgers to beef wellington at Hell's Kitchen we have you covered.

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This is a deal you would be crazy to miss! Limited time only stay at the Las Vegas Westgate Hotel and Casino for just $99 for three nights and to top it off you receive $100 in gambling chips, so you are basically staying for free if you intended to gamble or you could even make money on this trip. Incredible deal ends soon so book today , its brought to you by a new travel site called Vipbooking, they also have a notable deal on a suite at Tahitian Village we will list below.

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 New Frontier is now owned by Steve Wynn

Steve Wynn has purchased the parcel across the strip from Wynn Las Vegas that was formerly the New Frontier and was supposed to be the site of a resort called Alon.
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 Looking for a great buffet at a bargain price while you are in Las Vegas? Look no further we have you covered with this cant miss bargain hunter special. Although these buffets are off the main strip area they offer great value and good food to go with it, this means you wont have to pay $50 or more just to fill your belly and experience the magic of Vegas buffets.